S9E2 Petty Live - Recap!

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Length: 27:49 - Release Date: November 1, 2023

Another recap episode for you this week folks as I try to wrangle guest schedules! This week we're looking back at which live shows my guests wish they could have seen. Winterland? The Fillmore? The True Confessions tour with Bob? The Superbowl half time show? The Gainesville homecoming show on the 30th anniversary tour... There are so many to choose from and some of my guests picked the same shows for similar reasons!

In order, the people answering the questions are; Dallas Heliker, Gwen Jones, Nic Apostoleris, Janet Lovell, Megan Volpert, Dan Spiess, Corey Morrissette, Katie Moulton, Michael Washburn, Ivan Anderson, Tommy Edwin, Dan Durkin, Django Bayless, and.... me!


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