S8E18 Cover Versions - Recap!

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Length: 25:45 - Release Date: October 4, 2023

Another recap episode for you this week folks as I try to wrangle guest schedules! This week we're looking back at the songs of Tom's that my guests would love to hear covered by other artists. This is a question I always look forward to discussing and it's thrown up some brilliant ideas!

In order, the people answering the questions are; Dallas Heliker, Gwen Jones, Nic Apostoleris, Janet Lovell, Jeff Slate, Megan Volpert, Dan Spiess, Corey Morrissette, Katie Moulton, Ivan Anderson, Tommy Edwin, Dan Durkin, Django Bayless, and.... me!

Please note, there are a couple of curse words in this episode.


Petty Trivia