S8E10 Petty Theft

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Length: 50:46 - Release Date: September 1, 2023

Today's special bonus episode is a conversation I had with San Francisco-based tribute band Petty Theft. I chatted for just about an hour and a half with bassist Django Bayless and lead singer/rhythm guitarist Dan Durkin, the two founding members of the band about how the band came together, how they choose songs to cover, and of course, their love of Tom's music. As I said to the boys during the call, their sense of fun and their love of playing Tom's music shines through both in conversation and when they're on stage laying it down.

They've played with Steve Ferrone and opened for Lynyryd Skynyrd and Tesla and they're one of the best bands and they were an absolute blast to talk to: the time flew by. I'm really looking forward to seeing them in the flesh some day and will be on the lookout for geographically opportune moments to connect with a band that embodies the spirit of the music; love playing, love the crowd.

Petty Theft is currently in the middle of their 20th Anniversary Tour (so you know they have to be good, because you simply don't last that long if you aren't!) and you can check out tour dates, find out more about the band, and even go support them by buying some merch at their fabulous website, here: https://www.pettytheftrocks.com


Petty Theft - Medley Promo

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