S5E7 - Dan Spiess

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Length: 1:03:58 - Release Date: October 5, 2022

This week's episode is my wonderful conversation with Dan Spiess. Dan is the Producer the Tom Petty Weekend, which has run in 2018, 2019, and again this year (and has its origins in an impromptue tribute show in 2017). Dan was very kind to spend a couple of hours online with me and share his experience of Gainesville and most importantly, the details of how this year's festival came together and what Tom Petty fans can expect.

Dan also gave me an overview of his long term goal of creating a truly authentic Tom Petty experience in Gainesville in the same way that the city of Liverpool have honoured their favourite sons by building tourism around the landmarks and events that defined the Fab Four's career. It's an ambitious plan, but it will be fantastic if he pulls it off. With Dan's dedication and energy, I wouldn't rule that out!!!!!

If you're attending this year's event and see Dan around, go shake his hand and thank him for giving so much of his time to make sure this event is the colossal success it is sure to be.

If you're still looking for tickets or information about the event, please visit the Tom Petty Weekend website here: http://www.tompettyweekend.com

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