S5E3 - Megan Volpert



Length: 1:27:18 - Release Date: September 7, 2022

Hello you lot! I mentioned on social media that this episode would be slightly delayed and that turns out to have been the case. It might still take an hour or so to show up on all platforms but it's definitely up on Apple and Spotify right now.
I switched gears a little and decided to publish a conversation I had last week with Megan Volpert, whose new book, "Straight Into Darkness, Tom Petty as Rock Mystic" is available right now at fine retailers everywhere, as well as online.
I had a fantastic chat with Megan about Tom, about her musical upbringing, about her book, and about music in general. Megan is a prolific author and journalist who has written or edited over a dozen books. She’s also written extensively for Popmatters and Atlanta intown and variety of other publications on a huge array of topics.
You can find her book here at the University of Georgia Press (use 08STRAIGHT to receive a 30% discount!): https://bit.ly/3BgUUav and here https://amzn.to/3L227Q8

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