S4E12 - Hard Promises (with John Paulsen)



Length: 45:31 - Release Date: August 10, 2022

In this special episode, Kevin is joined, once again, by co-host John Paulsen. Today's album wrap up episode covers the Heartbreakers' fourth album, Hard Promises.

In the episode, the guys both picked their top three songs from the album and both (once again) picked the two heavyweight tracks from the album, but different third tracks. You can find a combined "EP" on Spotify here: https://spoti.fi/3QOgSI3. As with the other album wrap episodes, the boys chatted about the track listing and agreed it was pretty damned tight. Based on that conversation though, here is an alternate track listing which brings in Stop Draggin My Heart Around and adds it to the mix: https://spoti.fi/3dbIbND

If you want to check out Gator on the Lawn (the B-side to the single release of A Woman In Love) you can find that here: https://youtu.be/ZABzLa2WRf4

If you want to listen to the "demo" version of Stop Draggin My Heart Around, without Stevie's vocal, you can find that one here: https://youtu.be/64W5IYuL1Is

Petty Trivia

QUESTION: Which rocker played drums and bass (and also sang backing vocals) on You Come Through, which was included on ‘95’s Playback box set.

ANSWER: It’s kinda cool that Lenny Kravitz dubbed drums and bass and added additional vocals but as came up online, I’d be really interested to learn whether or not an original version of that song has ever been mixed without his additions. Either way, it’s a fantastic tune and it really surprises me that it didn’t make Let Me Up. Once we get to that album we’ll be talking a lot about several tracks that didn’t make the cut  and what the album might have sounded like if they did.