S2E12 - Jake Thistle (Part One)

Baby's a Rock 'n' Roller
Jake Thistle
(Part Two)


Length: 1:00:08 - Release Date: February 2, 2022

Hi all! Two episodes for you today, which make up a fantastic conversation with Jake Thistle that was live streamed on January 19th. I split our chat into two episodes for ya and they're both around the hour mark. The second episode contains more music than the first, but I hope you enjoy listening to the whole converstion as much as we did recording it! Download it wherever you get your podcasts!

Don't forget to head over to Jake's website to buy his debut album, Down The Line (priced at a very Pettyish $8.98) You can also see if he's going to be playing anywhere near you so that you can see him in action.

* Note: This is the full conversation that streamed live on Jake's channel rather than the edited part two that was podcasted.