S1E10 - Jon Scott (Part One)

Jon Scott
(Part Two)


Length: 58:22 - Release Date: October 20, 2021

Today's episode is a very special one for me. I threw a hail mary and contacted Jon Scott a few weeks ago to see if he'd be willing to jump on a call with me to discuss Tom Petty and dig into his Memoir, Tom Petty and Me (My Rock n Roll Adventures With Tom Petty). To my delight, he agreed, and we recorded a long, wide-ranging conversation on the 18th of October. Rather wonderfully, this means that I'm able to release the episode on Tom's birthday by way of a small tribute. The conversation has been broken into two parts as I wanted to preserve as much of our discourse as possible as I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope that you will to!

Please note that there is some profanity in this episode, which is all used in context of actual quotes from Jon's book.

Make sure you check out Jon's website. If you're downloading this today, he has a two for one offer to purchase his fantastic book right now. I cannot recommend it highly enough and if you're a Pettyhead who hasn't read it, you're really missing out. Go to Jon's website at https://tompettyandme.com/

In the episode, Jon talks about the live version of Breakdown recorded at the Capitol in 1977, which you can listen to hear: https://youtu.be/mx0JBnvJk24. He also mentions the Mudcrutch song Depot Street, which you can find here: https://youtu.be/wHPe2yPAQYY

This was an absolute thrill for me to record and edit and I hope you enjoy listening to Jon as much as I did.

Part One

Part Two